Play Rugby with Lane Cove

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, Lane Cove Rugby Union wants players just like you.

If you have come this far then you're interested in getting on the field. That's a good start. If you're ready to jump right in go ahead and click on the CONTACT page and get in touch.

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If you're still a little hesitant we're betting its because of one of these reasons:

5 Reasons you think you're not ready to play footy (but you really are)

1. I can't commit to every training and every game
We know. Colts and Seniors rugby is a serious commitment but it can't get in the way of work, university, or the kids. Lane cove is made up of men from all walks of life including students, parents, and travelling professionals. We only ask that you come to every training session and game you possibly can.

2. I haven't played in years (or ever before) and wouldn't know where to begin
Begin by making contact. It doesn't matter what your experience is, as long as you're keen to learn and willing to put in some hard yards we'll help you with the rest.

3. It's not footy season, i'll wait for next season
Wrong! It's always footy season. Just because there isn't a game on the weekend doesn't mean there isn't an Oztag or touch footy game on, or pre-season fitness, or drinks at the pub. Get in contact and find out what's going on this weekend.

4. I'm not fit enough
A few weeks at training or pre-season will absolutely sort you out. You don't need to spend three months jogging or at the gym before coming down for a session. Jump right in and join the struggle. If you're not hurting you're not doing it right! 

5. I weigh 140kgs, love jamming schooners, and the only thing as foul as my mouth is my temperament
Good, we need props.